Oxyspot Stain Remover

The safest solution to combat tough stains!

  • non-toxic to mankind,animal & plants

  • biodegradability is complete

  • breaks into water, oxygen &soda ash

  • colour safe (except delicate wool&silk)

How to use?

More effective if dissolve in warm water and the diluted solution stays active for about 6 hours.

Dilution guideline:

General cleaning 100g to 3L water

Heavy cleaning 200g to 3L water

Soaks 50g-100g to 3L hot water

Paste 25g to a few drops of water


  • cleans and destains wine, lipstick, caffeine, blood, chocolate and various tough dirt.

  • removes mold and mildew in refrigerators. Let the dilution stand in 10-20 mins before wiping and rinsing your fridge throroughly.

  • deodorise carpet,sportwear, septic tank and urea stench.

  • whitens old yellowish linens

  • do not weaken fabric like chlorine bleach.

We love this effective and affordable solution to our common household cleaning woes. Bring your container to @kitarefill and try OxySpot today.