Germ Buster (alcohol free)
Effective, safe and economical disinfectant for daily use on body and surfaces.

Formulated with biocide Benzalkonium Chloride (commonly use in eyedrops as preservative) and no synthetic scent or colourant added. It is alcohol free thus suitable to be used in any UV nano atomiser mist spray gun. You can also dispense Germ Buster in a normal spray bottle or add them in your floor mop solution for a more thorough disinfection.

  • non-toxic to mankind,animal & plants

  • biodegradability is complete

  • suitable for Body and Surfaces

  • alcohol free (suitable any UV nano atomiser mist spray gun)

  • no synthetic scent or colourant

Usage Direction:

Surface Rub

Use Germ Buster neat in spray/squirt bottle for wiping any surfaces. No rinsing required.

Disinfecting Floor

Add 30ml Germ Buster to about 4L of your existing floor cleaner solution for mopping.

Reminder: Germ Buster is not a substitute for floor cleaner. It acts as a disinfectant and doesn't remove dirt or grease.

Nano Atomiser Mist Spray

Dilute Germ Buster with water by ratio 1:1 to dispense into your Nano Atomiser Mist Spray.

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