Sabun Serai Kunyit Soapbar

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, healing of wounds and reducing scars, minimizing pores, calming the skin & scalp. Helps in dandruff and dermatitis too.

  • non-toxic to mankind,animal & plants

  • biodegradability is complete

  • suitable for Hair, Face and Body

  • all-natural bar soap

  • no SLS, no SLES

  • no paraben

  • no artificial fragrance

  • no artificial colouring

Ingredients: coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, rice bran oil, glycerin, lye, distilled water, dehydrated ground turmeric, essential oil of lemongrass.

Care & Storage: This natural hand crafted soap is moisturizing in nature, tiny dews may form in humid climate. However, this will not affect the quality and usage benefits. For best result, use within 12-month. Store in cool and dry place.

Each bar is filled with 105-110g of goodness

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