Kitchen Degreaser

Reformulated to remove grease and tough stains more effectively without creating any harm.

  • non-toxic to mankind,animal & plants

  • biodegradability is complete

  • not harsh on skin

  • no inhaling strong solvent stench

  • no flaky sediments

  • safe for our waterways

  • fragrance free

Predominantly used to remove grease on kitchenware, hood, hob, oven, griller and most hard surfaces.

Also very good to remove tile grout dirt, greasy floor, tumeric stain and caffeine on your mugs/teapot.

Usage: squirt/spray neat at area of concerned and wash as usual.

Add one cap (30-40ml) to 3Litre water for mopping oily floor and general cleaning. This product has no sud so you may use them together with your dishwashing liquid or floor cleaner accordingly.

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